1. Who can join me on the rendezvous?

The rendezvous is open to all Jeanneau owners and their guests. 

2. Do I have to charter through sunsail or Bvi yacht charters?

Jeanneau has reserved 11 boats with Sunsail and 11 boats with BVI Yacht Charters. If you would like to use a different charter company, you are free to do so. If you are lucky enough to have your own boat in the BVI then by all means bring it along.

3. What is the best route to Tortola?

In addition to flights to Tortola there is also a ferry that runs from St. Johns.  The ferry runs three times a day (8:30am, 11:30am, 3:30pm).

4. Do I have to provision through the charter company?

While this is certainly the easiest choice, you may also choose to provision on your own upon arrival.  There are taxis available to take you to provisions or the local groceries will hold your provisions and deliver them the evening the boat is available.

5. Do Jeanneau Owners typically charter individually or groups?

Both!  You may choose to charter individually or you can join up with other rendezvous participants and charter together.

6. What happens on the day of departure?

In addition to the orientation briefing, the charter company will hold a Captain’s meeting to discuss local knowledge as well as tips on where to sail.  They will complete a formal checkout prior to you casting off for your first destination.

7. Will there be marinas at every destination?

There are some planned stays at both marinas and mooring balls.  Mooring balls are first come first so the smart sailor departs early to arrive early and enjoy the day’s destination.  If you arrive and no mooring balls are available there is plenty of space to anchor.

8. Are there any additional costs after I arrive?

There will be a couple days where Rendezvous attendees will have to decide their destinations.  They are responsible for any costs they may incur (marina, mooring ball, etc) on these days.

9. How does the schedule work?

Click here for details.

10. What gear is on my Sunsail charter boat?

All boats are supplied with snorkeling gear.  Additional amenities are available to rent from water mats to large inflatable swans.

11. What currency is accepted in the BVIs?

The US Dollar accepted as well as major credit cards at most businesses.

12. Can I sail to USVI or other outlying islands?

Any visits outside of BVI will require clearing customs.